Otaku World may be closing

posted on 2001-01-23 22:45 EST
Asking site visitors if they would be willing to pay a fee for the site

When visiting Otakuworld, web browsing Otaku now get the following message:

Otaku World Is DEAD!
In about 20 days. Gone FOREVER.
Unless we all do something. NOW. Advertising is worthless on the Web now. It takes just over 1,200 dollars a month to keep Otaku World going, and that is without making ANY money for ourselves. We three people cannot afford such a cost. But there are 14,000 of YOU. We have a desperate plan. We have one last way to save your favorite Otaku website, but we NEED to know if any of you are willing to HELP.

This page offers more details regarding the crisis facing Otaku World, and asks visitors to answer a simple question, would they be willing to pay a monthly fee for the use of the Otaku World website?

The survey is dated January 10th, so it would seem that the fate of Otaku World will be decided in the coming week.

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