Supreme Court to Address CG Child Pornography

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Computer generated images may set precedent for Anime.

Source: Anime News Service

Today's LA Times has this article regarding United States Supreme Court's decision on Monday to decide whether the government can outlaw the posession and sale of "virtual" child porn. "Virtual child porn" is defined as computer-generated images of children having sex.

In the past the Supreme Court has ruled that while computer images depicting minors in pornographic acts "unquestionably morally repugnant," they cannot be criminalised" when no actual children are involved. Real child pornography is criminal, and exempt from "free speech" arguements because it involves the sexual abuse of children.

Although this case deals specifically with computer generated images, it will have a large impact on all forms of Animated images depicting minors involved in pornographic acts. Among several scenes cut from the US release of Kite there was a scene which graphically depicted the rape of the main character when she was quite young. This scene is the only scene that will not be included in the upcoming "less-cut" release of Kite.

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