Gundam Wing DVD Volume 5 Recall Petition

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Some Gundam Wing Vol. 5 DVDs, as well as a few other DVDs refuse to play on certain DVD players.

A new petition has been formed to get Bandai to recall the defective DVDs that have problems playing in some players.

Samuel Benezet has set his petition up here if you wish to sign.

Quoting from the Petition Statement:
Bandai has responded to complaints about this problem by offering to replace any defective discs. While their efforts are greatly appreciated, they do not appear to understand or appreciate that these defects will affect ALL DVDs of the aforementioned titles until their quality control department has identified and fixed the problem. This isn't a single batch of defective DVDs that can be replaced with other already-manufactured DVDs. These titles need to be recalled and re-pressed.

Editor's note: It has been ANN's experience that some of the replacement DVDs, at least in the case of Endless Waltz, do work.

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