Gundam Wing DVD Glitches

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Gubdam Wing DVD 5 and Endless Waltz disc problems

Many people have been complaining of a variety of problems viewing the Gundam Wing Volume 5 DVD and the Endless Waltz Special Edition DVD; ANN's review of Endless Waltz has been delayed because of two bad discs.

Problems have been reported getting Endless Waltz to play at all on some players, while other people have experienced problems towards the end of the movie, and other problems during the conclusion and the credits.

Similar problems have been experienced with Gundam Wing volume 5 where it freezes at the 3rd and 23rd chapters.

Bandai has responded to enquiries regarding these problems with the following message:

We at Bandai Entertainment are very sorry for the inconvenience! If you could please return the defective or damaged product to the address below we will have a replacement and refund of the return shipping cost sent out immediately. However, please note that we can only reimburse return shipments made via the United States Postal Service. We ask that you please print this e-mail and include it with the return and also include your full name, shipping address, and telephone number for which their is a space provided on this e-mail. If you are unable to print this e-mail please make sure that you include your four digit assigned RFM#, which will be listed at the top of this e-mail as well as your name, shipping address, and telephone number. Again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and look forward to getting your product to you as soon as possible!

One reader e-mailed us with a list recent Bandai DVD's that exibit problems, along with the DVD players that are most likely to be affected:

These problems seem to primarily affect Pioneer and Toshiba players, with the problems seeming to be the most pronounced with Pioneers. The defect affects every single copy of each title. So far, every attempt to contact Bandai has been met with a generic reply, with instructions on returning the DVDs for replacement. Obviously Bandai doesn't understand the problem, as replacing the discs won't solve a thing. Here's a list of the titles, and the players that some people are having trouble with:

Gundam Wing vol. 5
Pioneer DV-414
Pioneer DVL-909
Pioneer DVL-V888
Toshiba SD-1200
Toshiba SD-2107
Toshiba SD-2109
Toshiba SD-3108
Philips DVD751

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
Pioneer DV-414
Pioneer DV-515
Toshiba SD-1600
Toshiba SD-3108

Outlaw Star Collection 2
Pioneer DVL-909
Sony DVP-S7000
Philips DVD711

Don't Leave Me Alone Daisy (disc 2)
Pioneer DV-333
Pioneer DVL-909
Pioneer DVL-919
Pioneer DVL-V888
Sony DVD-S7000
Apex 600A

In all cases, anyone with a defective disc should contact [email protected] (support at for replacement discs.

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