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Ghost in the Shell 2 Anime in production. Ghost in the Shell 2 Manga coming to North America

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Excerpted from Studio Proteus Website:

"I am currently in Japan and have the latest news for you all on Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface. The hardcover edition that was released with the Solid Box is NOT (as you may have surmised from the "Short Cut" notation on the final page) the completed version. For the upcoming mass-market paperback release, Shirow will be bit-twiddling the artwork some more, as well as adding a 24-page full color Epilogue. The "Shirow release date" for this is April. As usual, don't hold your breath. .

So when will our version be coming out? Well, I have discussed the various difficulties in adapting his work with Shirow many times over the years. The solution we have arrived at for the current GITS2:MMI is for him to produce a "foreign version." This is possible as the entire series exists as digital files. Shirow will flop the pages, tweak any artwork he is unsatisfied with after the flopping process, remove all sound effects, and redo the word balloons for horizontal lettering. He is also, thank God, flipping all the English "display lettering" (those of you who have the hardcover will know what I mean). I've proofed this for him and corrected the (few) errors from the HC. We will get data files from him, add the FX and translation, and away we go. .

But...we can't begin until he's done with the paperback edition, and then the foreign edition tweaks. So when, you ask? I hope to begin actual production work by the end of this year at the latest, but...we're talking Shirow here. Once we start getting in data files, then I can let you all know a REAL release date. Until then... .

So we have good news and bad news. Have patience, and it will one day be in your trembling hands! Now I'd like to forestall one question--yes, there is a VERY naughty sequence in the book. Shirow knows very well this can't be sold mass-market in much of the world, and the foreign edition will have an altered version of the sequence. He has actually already done the artwork for this. However, after consultation at DH, we have decided that that issue will be available in two forms--the Shirow-altered version that will be sold through Diamond's regular catalogue, and a XXX version (even more graphic than the Japanese one!) sold via their Adult supplement. When the collection is done, there will be two versions produced--the Shirow, and a limited XXX rated. .

By the way, Oshii has agreed to direct the GITS2 movie (to my surprise), and work on the TV series has begun at Production I.G."

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