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Otaku World has changed to a per month pay service

Source: Anime Genesis

Under financial preasure, Otaku World has changed to a pay service with the following rates:

1 month = $7.95
3 months = $17.85
6 months = $35.70 ( 1 month Free )
12 months = $71.40 ( 2 months Free )

The message as posted on their site is as follows:

Otaku World Subscriptions start March 16, 2001
Well, this is it. We are down to the wire. On March 16th, Otaku World will change over to a subscription-based web site. This is for real.

Why are we doing this? We want Otaku World to stay on the Web. However, since advertising on the Web is fast becoming a dying source of revenue, we can no longer afford to pay for the server and bandwidth costs that Otaku World needs. We have had many, many suggestions as to other places we can put Otaku World but none of them, I repeat, none of them can support a site the size of Otaku World. These so-called "free" or low-cost services are all largely supported by advertising and they too will drop by the wayside as more and more of the advertising dollar goes away.

Nothing on the Web is truly free. In the past, all the things you have enjoyed from Otaku World had been paid for by advertising dollars. Advertising dollars that are no longer there. In the last three months, what you have obtained from Otaku World has been paid for out of our savings. We paid for the server and the bandwidth used. There is no money to cover our time spent on the site, which is one reason why the updates have grown so infrequent. It makes no sense for us to work outside jobs just so we can support Otaku World: all the money would go into Otaku World and none into our own needs. That is not right.

We have only option left: to ask you to help support Otaku World in a more direct fashion.

Your help is expressed as a subscription, a monthly fee to access the site. In return, Otaku World stays on the Web as the primary source for Kisekae dolls, Kamishibai, and all those other neat anime and manga programs you have come to love. Without your monetary support, Otaku World will cease to be. It is as simple as that.

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