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ADV VA and Directors Convention Plans...

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Matt Greenfield has posted information regarding ADV's status for conventions this year..

Excerpted from a post on the American Anime Dubbing ML by Matt Greenfield:

I'm pleased to announce that this is starting to bear fruit and, in addition to the ever-popular Jessica Calvello, Tiggany Grant, and Brett Weaver, both Hilary Haag and Kira Solar will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta this year (Sept. 21-23, 2001). This wil be the first anime con for both of these ladies..."

I'm also informed that AWA is talking with several other ADV VA's as well, but that those haven't been firmed up yet.

If you have any other requests, please feel free to keep sending them in or ask us about them in person at one of the cons this year. In addition to AWA, fellow ADR Director David Williams and myself will both be at Anime Central (5/11-13), Animazment (5/25-27), Project A-kon (6/1-3) and Otakon (8/10-12), with Lowell Bartholomee, one of the ADR directors from Monster Island, joining us at A-kon. Also, I'll be going solo at Sakura Con (4/27-29) and Anime Expo (7/5-8).

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