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Justin Sevakis explains the delay with the Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series, good news is that will probably come out someday, bad news is that it will be a while.

In regards to the very long delay getting the rest of the Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series out, Justing Sevakis has posted the following explanation on the Anime on DVD forum.

A lot of questions have been raised regarding the status of the remainder of the television series "Revolutionary Girl Utena". As many fans know, we announced that we obtained the rights to the subsequent episodes of the TV series, and intended to begin release preparations immediately upon receipt of materials from our licensor.

We made this statement because our contract gives us these rights. However, our licensor has demanded that we renegotiate the terms of our existing contract. Although we consider this to be a breach of our contract, we have been willing to be flexible in order to continue the release. Discussions have been underway for a long time, and are likely to continue for a long time, due to the nature of the consensus decision making process.

In the mean tiome, to continue to provide Utena to our fans, we have licensed the Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie, which was available from a different licensor. While we are disappointed that we are unable to continue the television series in a timely manner, we hope that you will enjoy the movie version in the mean time. In addition, we are flying the original series and movie director, Mr. Kunihiko Ikuhara, to New York City this month so that he can personally oversee the production of the English version. The subtitled version was written by his hand-picked translator, and Mr. Ikuhara himself will be on hand to autograph copies after the film's English language premiere at Big Apple Anime Fest this October.

As you can see, we are working hard to ensure that Utena fans are taken care of, and we hope you'll bear with us while we take care of unforeseen issues. Most importantly, we hope that you understand that this problem is not one caused by our company (and we do have our share of those!) but by others.

We at CPM thank all the fans for their patience in this matter.

Justin Sevakis
Production Associate, Central Park Media

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