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New Manga in Japan

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Souten no Ken, the sequel to Fist of the North Star, and Angel Heart, a spin off of City Hunter, start in the new Weekly Bunch.

Source: Anihabara, Mad Man Cafe, UMJAMS Anime News

Weekly Bunch Magazine, a new Japanese Manga magazine which began circulation with its first issue today (May 15th) started its run with a bang. Included in the first issue were the sequels/spin-off of two very popular Manga, Souten no Ken (Fist of Blue Skies) which is the sequel to Hokuto no Ken (Fist of North Star) and Angel Heart, a spin off of City Hunter.

"Weekly Bunch Magazine" - produced by Coa Magazine and published & distributed by Shinchousha publishing, is the creation of a group of manga artist and related staff who found the recent direction of the manga industry to be unsatisfactory and as such have decided to start their own magazine. The Magazine's staff includes former editors, employees and contributors of the "Weekly Jump" magazine, as well as voice actor Arika Kamiya.

Sounten no Ken, which is set in Japan in 1935, is written by the original creators of Hokuto no Ken and features Kasumi Kenshirou. Kasumi Kenshirou, who is the uncle Hokuto of no Ken's Kenshiro, is En-oh (Hell King); a legendary man who single handeldly destroyed a Shanghai criminal yet prefers to live a simple life as a college teacher in Japan. The Manchurian emperor is looking for En-oh in order to hire En-oh as a bodyguard to protect him from assassins of Japanese military government.

ANN already reported on Angel Heart however more information has become available with this latest report. When the angel like Makimura Kaoru (Ryo Saeba's wife), suddenly dies, her heart is prepared to be used in a heart transplant operation. However before the operation takes place the heart is stolen by criminals who instead transplant the heart into one of their leading assasins who attempted to commit suicide. The assasin, who is known as "Glass Heart", survives the operation but spends a year in a coma. How will the assasin cope when her heart of glass is replaced with the heart of an angel? Which personality will come out on top?

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