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AnimEigo at AX

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Robert Woodhead, Scott Carlson and Shin Kurokawa fielded questions about Urusei Yatsura DVD Boxed Sets and the quickly upcoming You're Under Arrest TV release..

Robert Woodhead, assisted by Scott Carlson, ran the Anime Expo panel this year, with a late Shin Kurokawa joining later.

Contrary to several e-mails received from Amazon.com, Vampire Princess Miyu OAV Vol. 2 is not cancelled. It had been previously delayed, but Amazon made a mistake and said it was cancelled instead. Robert suggested that the disc be purchased directly on the AnimEigo website to avoid future foul-ups.

Next up was Urusei Yatsura: Boxed Set Volume 2 should be shipping very shortly to purchasers, and Urusei Yatsura Boxed Set Volume 3 will be shipping in approximately two months.

Sensory Technology is about 75-80% complete improving the video quality of Macross. Sensory is best known for their works on early black and white movies, often matching the quality of the original source. Shin said that Macross looks better today that it probably has ever been.

Scott hopes that Macross will be released this September.

Following Macross and Urusei Yatsura DVD Boxed Set 3, AnimEigo plans to start releasing the Urusei Yatsura Movies and OVAs.

Finally, the You're Under Arrest TV series is coming along nicely, but not much was said about the title. It will consist of 3-4 episodes per disc, probably in mini-boxed sets. The You're Under Arrest OAVs will be in the first boxed set since they so closely match the first 4 TV episodes and may be selectable as an optional video stream.

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