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CB Cebulshi talks to Newsarama about Kia Asamiya's move to the United States.

Source: Newsarama
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CB Cebulski has commented on Kia Asamiya's decision to move to the United States in an interview with Newsarama.

According to Cebulski, Asamiya is moving to the United States primarily because of "creative freedom." In Japan Asamiya was in an interesting paradox regarding creative freedom and editorial input.

It seems that Asamiya has achieved a very rare status where no one is willing to tell him what to do, he has complete freedom and control over his work. But this isn't what he wanted, "He felt that his talents weren't being utilized to their fullest, because nobody was giving him any kind of input in his work." The Japanese alternative to his current situation would be to go back to the type of conditions that most Japanese Manga artists are used to, "In the past, say, working on Dark Angel with the publisher Kadokawa, it was different," Cebulski said. "He wanted to do one thing with the story, and they wanted him to do another thing. Ultimately, Kia ended up going along with their vision, but wasn't happy with the final result."

What Asamiya is looking for is a grey area somewhere in between the two extremes that are available to him in Japan. He has enjoyed his experiences working in America so far and it seems that he has found his middle ground in the North American comic industry.

Excepts from this article were taken from Newsrama, read the full article here.

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