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Dark Horse Press Releases

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Dark Horse has put out two Press Releases, one detailing the upcoming Lone Wolf and Cub Deluxe Action Figures, Oh My Goddess! Part XI, Gunsmith Cats statue, and other products.

Excerpted from the Press Releases:

Dark Horse Brings Lone Wolf and Cub Deluxe Figures to the U.S.A.

Lone Wolf and Cub, the long-running manga saga, has been acclaimed worldwide as one of the best graphic story creations of all time. Dark Horse Comics is pleased to announce that it has secured American and European distribution rights to two new, high-end collectible figures that each reflect the exceptional quality of this epic and award-winning series.

Produced by Mega House in Japan, these forthcoming (November) releases were created without cost in mind to achieve an nparalleled level of sophistication and detail. "We haven't seen posable figures of any sort that equal these," Dark Horse Product Development head David Scroggy observed, "and we are sure that the many thousands of readers of the series, not to mention figure collectors generally, will find them to be the best three-dimensional interpretations of the characters available. We salute Mega House for an exceptional effort."

Only 500 of the 12" (1/6 scale) figures are being produced for worldwide distribution, and Dark Horse has been awarded approximately 140 of these to sell in Europe and North America. It is unusual for any manufacturer to invest the very substantial monies required for tooling, sculpting, costume production and packaging on such a limited-run product line.

There are two figure sets available: "Lone Wolf" Ogami Itto, and his deadly rival, Yagyu. The Ogami figure comes complete with his "Cub," Daigoro, a detailed and fully-armed "babycart", a cloth banner with authentic calligraphy, costume accessories (sandals, hat,
etc.), and an accurate selection of Ogami's swords and other samurai weapons as seen in the story.

The Ogami figure is hyper-articulated and represents the state of the art of both doll-making and action-figure construction. Both Ogami and Diagro are fully clothed in elaborate cloth costumes that are exactingly detailed and handmade for each figure. From the intricate folds of the kimonos to the loincloths underneath, these miniature costumes are impeccably and realistically recreated to accurately reflect the samuari clothing of feudal Japan. Yagyu is Ogami's adversary, the man who used murder and treachery to execute the events that led to Ogami's journey of revenge and redemption. This figure is similarly detailed, both in terms of its state-of-the-art articulation and ultra-detailed, handcrafted fabric costume. Yagyu comes with his trademark cane, sandals, eye patch, and an assortment of detailed weaponry. Each figure is packaged in a full-color window box for protection and display.

Dark Horse Comics is further enhancing those figures that it distributes. While supplies last, each figure ordered will come with a special gift - a previously unavailable hardcover, foil stamped edition of Lone Wolf & Cub #1. Each copy contains a bookplate with a never-before-seen Lone Wolf & Cub illustration and is personally autographed by the series writer, Kazuo Koike. Only 200 signed books will be created.

The Dark Horse Comics editions of Lone Wolf and Cub are consistently among the best-selling graphic novel releases currently being published by any English-language publisher. "We are very proud to be publishing one of the all-time classics of Japanese comics", Dark Horse Comics President Mike Richardson remarked. " Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima have created classic characters that have worked well in film and television, as well as print mediums. These figures conquer another medium just as decisively."

Oh My Goddess! gets goofy as Skuld's robot pal finds puppy love in new miniseries

College student Keiichi Morisato never expected that ordering a pizza would change his life forever. But that's exactly what happened when he misdialed the number, connected with Goddess Central instead, and ended up with the goddess Belldandy and her two goddess sisters Living With Him! And manga fans here and across the Pacific have been enjoying his comic (mis)fortunes ever since!

In the latest issue of manga master Kosuke Fujishima's smash hit, Oh My Goddess!, little sister-goddess, Skuld can't figure out why her best friend and pet robot, Banpei, suddenly starts misbehaving. She comes to find out that there's one programming bug no one can fix - Banpei's in love! And with a sassy advertising doll, no less! What's a goddess to do?

Oh My Goddess! is one of the top-selling manga titles in America, with a fan base ranging from kids to great grandmas. With supercute artwork and storylines of unrequited love and other human (and godly) foibles, readers and retailers will agree: this title is one surefire crowd-pleaser. Oh My Goddess! Part XI #1: "Banpei in Love" goes on sale August 1 and includes a whopping 40 pages of story for $3.50.

Dark Horse unveils Planet of the Apes Attar statue

Oregon-based comic-book publisher Dark Horse Comics will produce an exclusive statue of the warrior ape Attar from Twentieth Century Fox's Summer 2001 event film Planet of the Apes feature film, due to hit theaters nationally July 27th.

Directed by Tim Burton (Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands) and featuring an all-star cast including Mark Wahlberg, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Tim Roth, Planet of the Apes is the story of a young human astronaut stranded on a remote planet where humans cower in tribal chaos, fearing enslavement and extinction at the hands of a horde of massive, English-speaking apes who rule with horrific brutality.

With a full-scale promotional campaign underway and generating excitement in moviegoers everywhere, this property has already demonstrated its popularity and success just in terms of related merchandise alone.

Dark Horse Comics is proud to be the licensee for not only the comics accompanying this blockbuster event, but also for the Attar statue. Played by none other than Academy Award-nominated Michael Clark Duncan (The Green Mile) the gorilla general's fearsome presence is reproduced perfectly in this limited-edition, fully painted statue. On a battlefield littered with the remnants of his adversaries' weapons and armor, Attar is reproduced her in the midst of a savage battle, with the might and power of his great strength on full display. The talented team at Gentle Giant Studios has captured a dynamic moment in the life of a great character.

The Planet of the Apes Attar statue is packaged in a full-color collector's box, and goes on sale September 19, for $150.00.

Strange friends and intrigue come from a dying planet in new Shadow Star graphic novel

Shadow Star, sci-fi/fantasy brainchild of manga (Japanese comics) master Mihori Kitoh, celebrates the Dark Horse/Studio Proteus publication of its first trade-paperback collection. Manga fans will not want to miss the first collection of the super-popular translated series from Super Manga Blast!, Dark Horse's monthly manga anthology.

While on summer vacation, visiting her grandparents on a small island, young Shiina Tamai discovers an unearthly, starfish-like creature. Shiina nearly drowns in the ocean where she discovered him, but the silent, wide-eyed, star-shaped little animal rescues her. Shiina befriends the stranger and names him Hoshimaru. To Shiina's surprise and delight, the sweet and gentle creature changes shape, lets Shiina stand on him, and the two fly off into the clouds together. But what looks to be a young girl's ultimate fantasy soon takes a darker turn as Shiina and Hoshimaru become entangled in a struggle between rival extraterrestrial factions who battle in the skies upon huge alien beasts called Shadow Dragons, with the fate of the Earth hanging in the balance.

Dark Horse's Shadow Star graphic novel is 192-pages of stellar black-and-white manga storytelling, on sale September 5, for $15.95.

Buffy and Angel reunite, if only to save the city of Los Angeles from demons of Hell!

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Past Lives, a mysterious huntress is stalking the demons of L.A. and blaming her hell-raising antics on Angel. Now Angel's got an army of demonic beasts on his tail who are hell-bent on revenge, and the smartest of these monsters know that Angel's all-too-human partners, Wesley and Cordelia, might be the best targets on which to exact their cunning vengeance.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Scooby Gang are having to deal with the sudden influx of demon survivors from L.A. Buffy, Giles, and the other Scoobies learn about the situation with Angel, and before long, Buffy decides she must go to L.A. to save her former vampire-boyfriend. This isn't a popular decision with Buffy's current boyfriend, the vampire-hunting Riley. The monster-slaughtering, love-triangle histrionics of the world's favorite vampire Slayer just keep coming in this full-color trade-paperback cross-over collection of Dark Horse Comics' Angel, issues #15-16 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, issues #29-30.

Written by Buffy the Vampire Slayer Watcher's Guide author Christopher Golden, with artwork by Tom Sniegoski, Christian Zanier, and Cliff Richards, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Past Lives is a must-have addition to the collection of Buffyphiles everywhere.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Past Lives is a full-color, 96-page paperback graphic novel,
on sale September 19, for $12.95.
New Masamune Shirow print portfolio now available

One of Dark Horse Comics' best-selling items last year was the fantastic Cybergirls portfolio by master manga artist Masamune Shirow, creator of the renowned manga and animé Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed.

This summer, Dark Horse is releasing a companion portfolio to the best-selling Cybergirls. Like Cybergirls, Cyberworld contains six oversize (13 1/2" x 10 3/8") full-color plates featuring some of Shirow's sexiest science-fiction women. Explanatory notes on the concept, origin, and design of each character is included on a separate sheet.

The Cyberworld portfolio comes packaged in a sturdy folder illustrated with Shirow's acclaimed art, allowing for safe storage and handsome presentation of these prints. Masamune Shirow's Cyberworld portfolio is on sale starting July 27 for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Dark Horse adds Nevermen and SpyBoy's Bombshell to Dark Horse Deluxe T-shirt line

Dark Horse Comics is responding to retailer and consumer demand within the comic-book and pop-culture industries for a selection of hip and comfortable apparel in a variety of styles suited for practically any body. In July, look for a slew of new shirts based on SpyBoy's sassy sidekick, Bombshell and Phil Amara and Guy Davis' hit steampunk series, Nevermen.

The comics publisher's top designers have created four Bombshell T-shirt designs available in eight different shirt styles: mini Bombshell with grenade is available as a white-with-pink "ringer" tee and a plain black tee in youth sizes; angry mini Bombshell is available as a pink spaghetti strap women's shirt and as a white-with-orange youth ringer; shy mini Bombshell is available in a white women's babydoll tee; Bombshell with kanji is available as a white-with-pink adult ringer tee and as a pink women's babydoll tee.

Dark Horse Deluxe's Nevermen T-shirts come in four designs on five shirt varieties: the Nevermen four panel shirt comes as a plain youth tee-shirt in ash and navy; a silhouetted Nevermen with trademark hat is shown on a white-with-black adult ringer tee; three Nevermen together are available on a charcoal tee in adult sizes; the Nevermen monkey butler tee is available on a white-with-black ringer tee in youth sizes.

Dark Horse Deluxe T-shirts retail for a suggested price of $17.99, and XXL styles sell for $19.99. The Nevermen and Bombshell shirts will be available starting July 25.

Stick it! - with Dark Horse's new sticker collection, of course!

The silly merchandise-making elves at Dark Horse Comics have taken some of Dark Horse's very favorite characters and made 'em all sticky as part of a new line of fun and highly affordable full-color stickers.

Including in the premiere line of Dark Horse stickers is Dark Horse Maverick's most mischievous primate, Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey, in two colorful variations. Dark Horse's own babe with a bomb, Bombshell from SpyBoy, is sticker-ized in two very different, superdeformed varieties, and The Nevermen ("You never saw this; this never happened" get their very own stickers, as well. Finally, vintage fan faves, Bettie Page and Charles Atlas demonstrate the paragon of his 'n' hers pulchritudinous perfection with several of their very own stickers, four foxy Betties and two terrific Charleses.

The stickers are sold individually for $1.99 each, are full color, and go on sale August 22. Dark Horse stickers will be easy to find at comics shops, retail gift stores, funny little fun shops everywhere, and online at www.tfaw.com.

Gunsmith Cats statue from Dark Horse debuts in August

Rally Vincent and Minnie May are known the world over as the gun-slingingly gorgeous bounty hunting duo from Kenichi Sonoda's hit manga Gunsmith Cats. This summer, Dark Horse Comics is capturing the 'Cats' sassy spirit in a cold-cast resin statue.

Rally and Minnie May are shown poised for action on a strip of asphalt in this brightly-colored statue sculpted by Sam Greenwell and paintmastered by Mr. Tsuyoshi Maeda of Kotobukiya Co. in Japan. This 8"-tall statue depicts Rally in tight, sexy red pantsuit, brandishing one of her prized handguns, while Minnie May crouches in a cute shorts outfit, grenade in hand and ready to rumble. Completing the image is a cast metal Gunsmith Cats logo by the characters' feet.

The Gunsmith Cats statue comes fully painted and assembled in a custom-printed box, on sale August 29 for $150.00.

Playboy's legendary blonde bombshell is back with Little Annie Fanny Volume 2: 1970-1988

Dark Horse Comics, in cooperation with Playboy Enterprises, concludes its complete reprinting of Playboy's legendary "Little Annie Fanny" strip, with an even bigger second volume, available in September for the same reasonable price as the first. Picking up where the first volume left off, this collection follows the strip through to its end in 1988. Ralph Nader, the women's movement, Star Wars, Reaganomics, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are just a few of the cultural icons to fall prey to the merciless and masterful satire of Harvey Kurtzman (creator of Mad Magazine) and his long-time collaborator, Will Elder.

Editor Hugh Hefner calls his vivacious vixen "the perfect foil for spoofing contemporary society, Annie has scaled the dizziest height of satire and slapstick, parody and pratfallŠ We love our Little Annie Fanny and we think you will, too." Also included are examples of never-before-seen production art and behind-the-scenes anecdotes about Hefner, Kurtzman, Elder, and the host of internationally acclaimed cartoonists who contributed to the creation of this revolutionary icon.

Suggested for mature readers, the gorgeous Little Annie Fanny Volume 2 is a richly-colored 240-page collection, on sale September 19, for $24.95.

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