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posted on 2001-08-28 11:12 EDT
Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones to be animated by Ghibli... maybe

Source: Hayao Miyazaki Discussion Group

According to Diana Wynne Jones's official website, her novel, Howl's Moving Castle is going to be made into an animated film by Hayao Miyazaki and will be released in 2003 worldwide by Disney.

This however contradicts previous information from Miyazaki himself, who has said that he is planning on retiring from directing feature length films. He has said that Sen To Chihiro is the last film that he will direct.

It is very possible that Miyazaki will be producing "Howl" or creating the storyboards for it and that Howl will be one of the two films released by Ghibli in 2002 by "up and coming directors."

Ghibli however has not made any public statment regarding Howl. According to Ms. Jone's agent it is unlikely that Ghibli will make any announcement before September as they are currently very occupied with the the publicity of Sen and August is the only month they can take any vacation.

Tokuma, the parent company of Ghibli also happens to be Ms. Jone's Japanese Publisher.

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