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posted on 2001-10-18 02:10 EDT by Jeremy Barnes
Loads of information of the Samurai Girl TV series. Broadcast times and release info. As well as a couple CDs to boot.

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Samurai Girl Real Bout High School is a series about a a high school that takes a slightly different approach to solving disputes. Using a duel system, all the children setlle their disputes by fighting. Perhaps this policy has more purpose than the simple resolution of disputes.

The series will air in Japan on a few different TV networks. See the stations listed below:

CS Broadcast Kids Station: Mondays 8:30 PM
Sun TV: Fridays 12:30 AM
Saitama TV: Saturdays 12:00 AM
CTC Chiba TV: Saturdays 12:00 AM
Tokyo MX TV: Saturdays 12:30 AM
Kanagawa TV: Sundays 12:00 AM

The first volume on DVD and VHS was released on Wednesday, Octbober 17th in Japan. The DVD is priced at 6000 yen while the VHS is 4,800 yen. They both contain the first three episodes. A new DVD and VHS tape will be released each month.

They have also released two new single albums. "Cold Sword" and "Beatiful Snow" are on sale for 1,000 yen. The first soundtrack will be released on November 21st for 3,000 yen.

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