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Matt Wagner For Lone Wolf and Cub Cover Art

posted on by Scott Green
Newsarama reports Matt Wagner (Grendel, Green Arrow covers), one of the cover artists on the series' first American run, published by First Comics, will be picking up the paintbrush for Itto and Daigoro one more time, supplying the covers for issues #19 - #26.

While the series has used some of the original First covers by the likes of Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz, Wagner will be painting all new covers for his eight issues. "Most of the original covers I did were very story specific," Wagner told Newsarama. "Unfortunately, due to the different, chunkier packaging Dark Horse is giving the material, most of the stories I had originally did covers for have already been published. But I certainly can't complain about getting the chance to do some more!"

Wagner had a few factors to consider when selecting the cover image for the volumes, as his covers will also be used for a current reprinting of Lone Wolf and Cub in Japan. "There, again, we run into a slight difference in format and page count, so we're trying to come up with covers that are somewhat story specific but also somewhat generic enough to accommodate both editions," Wagner said. "In this case, a snow scene."

As the first cover artist to provide covers specifically for the smaller, Dark Horse editions, Wagner explained that there were some specific, size-oriented approached he had to take with his art. "I'm trying to keep things simple enough to bear up to such reduction," Wagner said. "In fact, I once did the exact opposite of this for a run of Grendel Tales: Devil in Our Midst, written by Steve Seagle and drawn by Paul Gris was a five issue storyline and I did all the original art for the covers little bigger than a trading card. I was trying to achieve a somewhat primitive effect by forcing the art to 'break up' a bit as it was enlarged. With these covers, it's the opposite."A cover can be seen here

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