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Tokyopop Anime Announces Marmalade Boy and Brigadoon

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Tokyopop's Anime division has announced two more licences.

As expected, Tokyopop has officially announced that they will be releasing the Marmalade Boy anime series. Tokyopop's manga division is set to release the first volume of the Marmalade Boy manga in April.

A fan-favorite Shojou series, Marmalade Boy was long thought to be a series that would never be released in North America.

Excerpt from Press Release:

The fans have been asking for it, and now TOKYOPOP has answered with confirmation that it will deliver the highly anticipated Marmalade Boy anime to the U.S. The DVD series will begin with an initial 24 episodes from the hit Japanese TV show, as well as a host of bonus features. Plans also include the half-hour movie prequel to Marmalade Boy. This news comes as TOKYOPOP prepares to launch the Marmalade Boy manga series in April.

With an edgy plot guaranteed to command attention, Marmalade Boy tells the colorful story of Miki, a teenage girl whose dysfunctional family gets her caught up in some of the strangest love triangles imaginable. While on vacation, her parents decide to end their marriage and swap spouses with another couple. But the situation gets even more bizarre when both sets of parents decide to live under the same roof. The soap opera really takes off when Miki, who has always had a crush on Ginta, suddenly finds herself falling for her new stepbrother, Yuu.

Less expected, was Tokyopop's announcement that they have also licenced the Brigadoon anime series.

TOKYOPOP has also acquired the rights to the highly acclaimed Brigadoon, an action-packed, hyper-comedic Japanese sci-fi series featuring stunning animation from Sunrise, one of Japan's top animation studios. Demonstrated by Cartoon Network hits like Gundam Wing, Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star, the work of Sunrise is already immensely popular in the United States.

Brigadoon follows the often-crazy adventures of Marin, an orphan girl who suddenly finds herself hunted by a living, bio-weapon robot out to wreak havoc on her hometown. Ironically, it is none other than another robot who enters the picture as Marin's protector. Together, they set off on an unforgettable quest for justice.

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