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Anime Central Guest Announcement

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Anime Central has sent out a detailed PR regarding its guest list for the April 19th-21st convention in Illinois.

It should be noted that there have been no actual changes to the guest list since Toshihiro Kawamoto was added to teh guest list on Febriary 12th.

Acen Guest List / PR:

Toshihiro Kawamoto - Toshihiro Kawamoto will be best known to US anime fans for his character designs on "Cowboy Bebop" and "Golden Boy." However, he also worked as animation supervisor for the animation for the "Ghost in the Shell" PlayStation Game opening, and as the character designer on "Gundam 0083," and "08th MS Team," as well as animator on numerous other animations. This is Mr. Kawamoto's first appearance at Anime Central.

Ken Akamatsu - Ken Akamatsu is best known to anime and manga fans as the creator and manga artist of "Love Hina." The manga which was published in Kodansha's weekly comic magazine, "Weekly Shounen Magajin," has 14 volumes and was made into avery popular anime series. His other major work is the manga series, "Ai Ga Tomaranai!" ('Can't stop the LOVE'). He has also recently put out a special edition of his Love Hina comic, entitled "IroHina" ('SexyHina'). This is his first appearance at a North American Anime Convention.

Tetsuya Aoki - Mr. Aoki began working at the Japanese design company PLEX in 1990 where he is still employed and continues to design. He participates in all the planning and designing of TV character merchanidse for BANDAI, including production design work and creature design in live action series includign the Kamen Rider, Power Ranger, and Ultraman series. Before joining PLEX, Mr. Aoki worked for TAKARA and designed some of THE TRANSFORMERS. Plex will be launching their first manga with a world premiere at Anime Central 2002.

Brad Swaile- We're happy to announce voice actor Brad Swaile will be a guest at Anime Central 2002. This will be Brad's first time visiting ACen. Brad follows fellow Vancouver area actors Scott McNeil and Kirby Morrow whom were guests at Anime Central 2001. Brad is best known for his voice roles as Quatre in Gundam Wing; Amuro Ray in Mobile Suit Gundam, Mousse from Ranma 1/2 and Yota in Video Girl Ai.

Melissa Williamson - Also joining us for the first time in 2002, Ms. Williamson is best known for her work directing the English dub of Cowboy Bebop (also portrayed Julia), and her voice work including parts as Hilde in Outlaw Star, Urd in Oh My Goddess! The Movie, and Nuriko in Fushigi Yuugi, among others

Hilary Haag - Anime Central is glad to welcome a relative newcomer to the anime convention scene in ADVFilms voice actor Hilary Haag ('Hayg"). Her roles include Nene in Bubble Gum Crisis 2040, and credits in anime such as Sorcerer Hunters, Blue Sub no. 6, Compiler and Master of Mosquiton.

Tiffany Grant. - The first ever voice actor hired by A.D. Vision, Tiffany Grant is best known as her roles of Asuka from Evangelion and Chocolate from Sorcerer Hunters and has now voiced characters in over a hundreded titles for ADV. This is Tiffany's first visit to Anime Central.

Jessica Calvello - After appearing at ACen2K, Jessica is best known for her voice roles as Cutey Honey, Yuri in Original Dirty Pair, Mink from Dragon Half, among many others. She's also the lead voice of Excel in Excel Saga, coming from ADV Films

Crispin Freeman - Voice actor Crispin Freeman comes home again to Anime Central 2002. Mr. Freeman is the American voice actor who has supplied the voices for such characters as Hallas and Zelgadis in The Slayers, Touga Kiryuu and Dios in Revolutionary Girl Utena and Captain Tylor in Irresponsible Captain Tylor, and Spark from the Lodoss War TV series.

Scott Frazier - veteran animator, former head of a Thailand animation studio, former producer for Production I.G, consultant/guru for the RETAS animation software package. Scott has more interesting stories about what it's really like to work in anime production than anyone in the English speaking world.

Steve Bennett- Steve and the Studio Ironcat crew. What needs to be said? Entertaining, imaginative, worked in the anime production trenches as a yonger man, wears a cool cap, has a million stories, is a fine artist in his own right in addition to leading a company bringing over translated manga.

Robert Dejesus - Local boy done good! Amazingly talented artist (and a former ACen Iron Guest) whose work has ranged from self-published doujinshi, contibuting artist for PSM Magazine, to one time artist in Ninja High School.

Bruce Lewis - manga & graphic artist, starblazers/yamato guru, and overall smooth operator. His manga classes at ACen designed to teach and inspire. Try and guess which major league sports team he's the art director for and win a prize! maybe :)

Amy Howard Wilson - voice of Nova from the classic Star Blazers.

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