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Mike Tatsugawa, SPJA boss and AX Con Chair, has posted a FAQ about Anime Expo New York. Answers include why the SPJA has decided to hold AXNY and also whether or not AXNY will return after 2002.

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) is proud to
present its newest project

Anime Expo New York (AXNY)

Dates: August 31st - September 2nd (3 Days) (Labor Day Weekend, 2002)

New York Marriott Marquis
Times Square
1536 Broadway
New York, NY 10038
(212) 308-1900

1) Through Anime Expo, SPJA has spent the past 7 years cultivating the
image of anime within the entertainment industry's creative capital,
Hollywood. Now is the time for the next logical step, take anime to
the heart of the entertainment industry's business capital, Manhattan,
New York. Within Times Square, Anime Expo New York will find
itself surrounded by Nickelodeon, MTV, Viacom and a host of other
major players.

2) For years, SPJA has received numerous requests to bring Anime Expo
to New York. This location has been the #1 requested location ever
since Anime Expo first located to Southern California.

3) The anime industry has requested that a neutral party, the SPJA,
represent the industry's efforts to promote anime in New York.

4) The Anime Expo staff wanted to undertake a logistical endeavor
requiring us to travel long distances and work in a new location as
practice for an international version of Anime Expo in 2003. New
York is the ideal location for this rehearsal.

Cost: (Tentative)
$50 Full 3 Day Membership
$25 One Day Membership
$20 Full Children's Membership (Children ages 12 and under)

Please check the AXNY website at for any changes.

Main Hall & Foyer
Until April 15th: $700
Until July 15th: $800
At the Door: $900

Exhibit Wing:
$50 Booth Discounts

Booth Premiums:
Premium Space: $150/booth
End Cap $150/booth
Island $450/booth

Is this convention for real?

Yes, come visit our website at for more details and to
check for updates. We are now selling booths and memberships and the
hotel is now accepting reservations. We are excitied about this
convention and hopefully the people of New York will be equally happy
to see us!

Is this a permanent convention?

This is a special Anime Expo. Whenever we refer to "Anime Expo", we
want people to think of the 4th of July convention in California each
year. We currently have plans for a special international version of
Anime Expo in 2003. Whether we return in 2004 depends on whether New
Yorkers want us back in the future.

What are the hotel rates?

Single: $189
Double: $199
Triple: $199
Quad: $219

Rooms are already available for reservations. Please call the
Marriott Marquis at 1-212-398-1900 and mention "Anime Expo" for their
special rates.

Who will the guests be?

Because we've been planning this for several years and the event
probably won't be repeated, many anime companies are seeking to
impress the New Yorkers with the quality of the guests they want to
bring. So far, the tentative list is dominated by fewer guests than
Anime Expo, but many fan favorites are in the process of being
confirmed. Some have never even been to Anime Expo or to any American
anime convention before.

Will this convention be just like the original Anime Expo?

The fundamental structure should be the same. However, due to physical
limitations of being in one venue, we plan on scaling most aspects
of the convention to the anticipated attendance base and venue size.
We are also not attempting to run 4 days like in Los Angeles. We
believe that this will be a heavy commuter convention, more so than
Los Angeles, and that the majority of our attendees will come in via

How has the World Trade Center tragedy affected the convention?

The SPJA was horrified to see what happened in New York. In response,
all SPJA sites (,, were all blacked out
in respect to the people of New York. All announcements of Anime Expo
New York were also delayed to allow New Yorkers time to heal. We hope
that by Anime Expo New York, New York will have healed and the spirit
of life will once again prevail in the city. We want anime to be part
of the process of healing and to prove that New York is still the
media capital of the world.

Also, in memory of those who died trying to save others in the WTC,
Anime Expo will be donating all of the proceeds of BOTH the AX and the
AXNY charity auctions to the victims of 9/11. We expect the
outpouring of support from Japan to be tremendous. Some items have
already begun to come in and can be found at

Will Anime Expo be downsized to pay for AXNY?

SPJA tries to do something innovative for the fans each year. Last
we made the switch to a four day convention. This year it was the 10
year anniversary. Next year will be AXNY. In all honesty, SPJA went
all out in celebration planning with Anime Expo 2001 with parties,
promotions and lots of reunion guests of honor. These aspects of the
convention will be returning to their normal size next year.
Therefore, the quality and size of Anime Expo should not be affected
by AXNY. AXNY will have its own budget separate from Anime Expo.

How long has this been planned?

AXNY has been under discussion for four years. However, it wasn't
until several members of the Japanese and American anime industries
approached SPJA about this two years ago that we moved into high gear.
The contracts were negotiated and signed back in 2000. It was decided
not to announce the formation of this new convention until after
AX2001 just so we would not distract from the 10 year anniversary.

Is this an attack on Otakon?

SPJA feels no enmity with Otakon and several of the senior
staffers from both cons enjoy spending time together at the other
anime conventions. New York was the last untapped market left in the
United States, so there was only one logical choice. Because the
staff needed to fly out to the convention, we believe that using the
three day holiday was the only way it could be done. If anything, we
believe we might be sowing the seeds of fandom that will convince many
New York fans they should fly/drive down to the other regional anime
conventions for their anime fix. SPJA supports all conventions
that promote anime and manga including Otakon and BAAF.

Is this an attack on Big Apple Anime Festival?

We are currently collaborating with BAAF to work together and combine
our conventions to run concurrently for 2002.

Is AXNY looking for staffers?

Yes, we will be looking for staffers, full volunteers and one-day
volunteers. Please reply to this E-mail address if you are

Mike Tatsugawa
Chair, AXNY

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