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posted on 2002-04-20 23:48 EDT by Christopher Macdonald
Big Urusei Yatsura news, You're Under Arrest Boxed sets, and Macross "Mini Boxed Sets"

AnimEigo made some Urusei Yatsura announcements that are sure to please UY fans, in 2003 the company will finally release more episodes of the TV series and they will be preparing a release for the 1st movie, "Urusei Yatsura - Only You" - for which they will be producing a dub. If the movie sells well they will be willing to do the rest of the movies as well.

They also spoke about Macross "mini boxed sets." Before releasing the full series on 9 seperately sold DVDs, they will release it in three "mini boxed sets" of 3 DVDs each.

Also coming out in several boxed sets will be the You're Under Arrest TV series as 4 boxed sets of 4 DVDs each. The first 3 sets will have 3 DVDs with episodes on them, and 1 episode of extras, while the fourth set will have the episodes and extras spread out over all the DVDs. They will start authoring on May 1st. As a special bonus, they will be accepting fan-art submissions to be included on the DVDs.

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