Candy Candy legal issues continue

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Yumiko Igarashi and five companies pay 29.5 million yen in damages to Kyoko Mizuki.

Source: Kahoko News.

A new note has been added to the ongoing legal battles of Candy Candy; original creator Kyoko Mizuki has won another case against artist Yumiko Igarashi. Igarashi and five companies that distributed Candy Candy merchandise have been ordered to pay 29.5 million yen, or 3% of their sales, to Mizuki.

Candy Candy has been been an issue in the Japanese courts for a while now, Mizuki sued Igarashi over various merchandicing licences that the artist sold to companies without Mizuki's consent. Last autumn the Japanese courts ruled in Mizuki's favor stating that as a co-creator and co-copyright holder, Igarashi must obtain her consent before conducting any business regarding Candy Candy (the consent of both is required).

While she has lost the exclusive rights to sell Candy Candy licenses that she believed she had, Igarashi has also gone to teh courts to enforce her rights to the Candy Candy trademark. According to Anime News Service's additional coverage on the matter, Igarashi had already sued Toei Animation over the Candy Candy series, forcing a broadcast freeze on the series.

Given that both party's consent is required for any Candy Candy licencing and merchandicing and that no re-concialiation between the two parties is in sight, it is unlikely that any new Candy Candy licences or properties will appear in the near future.

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