Candy Candy Lawsuit ends

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Candy Candy author wins court case against illustrator

Source: Anihabara!

The Supreme Court of Japan has echoed decisions by two lower courts (Tokyo High Court, March 2000; and Tokyo District Court, February 1999) stating that the illustrator could not sell goods based on the series without the author's consent.

Candy Candy, a famous and long running Anime and Manga, was produced by Kyoko Mizuki and Yumiko Igarashi. Mizuguchi was the author of the Manga, while Igarashi illustrated the series.

Igarashi had been selling merchandise based on her illustrations without the consent of Mizuguchi. Igarashi claimed that she did not need the persmission of Mizugichi in order to sell merchandising rights based on her illustrations, while Mizuguchi claimed that she held equal rights on all Candy Candy property and derivative works.

The courts however echoed Mizuguchi's stance that they were both equal owners of Candy Candy and that all merchandising agreements required the permission of both owners.

Igarashi has been involved in a similar feud with Man Izawa, the author of "GEORGE!", another manga that Igarashi illustrated.

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