Viz discusses Shonen Jump

posted on 2002-06-13 17:20 EDT by Christopher Macdonald
Dragonball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh! amongst titles, US name for magazine not finalized.

Viz Entertainment has answered a number of our questions regarding the upcoming anthology they plan on releasing based on the Japanese Shonen Jump. For starters, they have confirmed that they have not yet determined the official name for the anthology, it may be keep its Japanese name, or it may be renamed for the American market. [editor's note: we will continue to call it "American Shonen Jump" until Viz announces an official name].

Unlike the Japanese weekly that it is based on, American Shonen Jump will be released monthly. The anthology will have a page count of aproximately 250 pages. Amongst the Manga series included will be Dragonball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh!, and a number of other series (Viz hasn't finalized which series yet, nor teh exact number, and they aren't telling us about what they are considering), there will also probably be some editorial content in addition to the Manga.

We also asked if they knew how many pages each Manga would run each month. In Japan the Manga only run so many pages but a new chapter is released each week. We were informed by Viz that the number of chapters present of each series in each issue would vary depending on the content.

Right now Viz really doesn't have a lot of details to give out regarding the anthology, for the most part they haven't finalized their plans and in some cases they just aren't saying. But they do expect to make more detaisl available in the comingmonth.

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