G-Gundam on Toonami Official Press Release

posted on 2002-07-13 12:53 EDT by Christopher Macdonald
G-Gundam Launched August 5th

Official Press Release:

G Gundam Premieres During Toonami

New Gundam Series Joins Toonami August 5 at 5:30pm (ET, PT)

Cartoon Network will premiere G Gundam on Monday, August 5, during Toonami, the network's top-rated afternoon action-adventure franchise. The 49 episode series will air Monday - Friday at 5:30 p.m. (ET, PT).

G Gundam occurs at the beginning of the thirteenth Gundam Fight in the year Future Century 0060. The elite of humankind have immigrated to various space colonies, leaving the poor behind on Earth. In an attempt to eliminate war, the nations developed the Gundam Fight, a tournament held every four years to determine the ruler of the Earth Sphere. For the tournament, each nation sends a Gundam and a pilot to Earth where they engage in battles with Gundams of the other nations. The winner is bestowed with honor and glory while his nation obtains the right to rule the world until the next tournament.

This time, more is at stake than a simple battle for power. Neo Japan's Gundam Fighter, Domon Kasshu, is on a mission to find his brother. Domon's brother fled to Earth after stealing a prototype Gundam called the Dark Gundam and for this crime, Domon's father has been sentenced to a state of suspended animation. Only by winning the tournament and tracking down the Dark Gundam can Domon clear the family name and save his father.

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