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ADV Films partners with CoMix Wave to bring Manga Titles to North America

ADV Films has announced that they have formed a stategic partnership with CoMix Wave (not related to Coamix) to bring CoMix Wave's Manga titles to North America, or as the ADV PR states, "to promote and popularize the Japanese company's creative talent and holdings.

At this time ADV has not replied to our enquiries as to the exact nature of the partnership, it remains unclear whether ADV will be distributing the CoMix Wave Manga titles in North America, or if they will only be using their pressence to aid CoMix Wave with PR. According to the press release, "As part of the new alliance, ADV will use its standing in the anime industry to expand CoMix Wave's artists' recognition within the American fan base. ADV will also help CoMix Wave create merchandise and related media from the artist's works and intellectual properties."

Excerpted from Press Release:

CoMix Wave manages more than 50 of Japan's top manga artists and illustrators, and works to discover and promote new talent within the industry. The company also manages production-both in Japan and overseas-of anime projects, including Koji Morimoto and Studio 4oC's Clio Award-winning anime-style television advertisements for "La Saunda," a Hong Kong shoe franchise. CoMix Wave also produced one of the most talked-about anime titles of the year, "Voices of a Distant Star" by Makoto Shinkai, who won the award for "Most Valuable Newcomer" at Tokyo Anime Fair 21, in February.

In a seperate announcement, ADV has announced that they have licensed "Voices of a Distant Star."

ADV will be bringing CoMix Wave artist Masami Esaka to the San Diego Comic-con this coming week, at a panel organized to introduce the artist and the CoMix Wave firm to American fans. Esaka, who's English website can be viewed at, is well known in Japan for his anthropomorphic painting and animal painting on titles such as Bikkuriman, however he is not very well known in North America.

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