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Comic-con questions & answers about Hoshi no Koe.

John of has sent us the following tidbit from Saturday's Hoshi no Koe panel at Comic-con:

We were some of the few anime fans who ventured out for Hoshi no Koe (The Voices of a Distant Star) Panel at Comic-Con, only about 30 people showed up for the panel. Greenfield was there from ADVision, and as their press note stated, so was the creator, Makoto Shinkai, the main voice actress Mika Shinohara, and a rep from CoMix Wave, Noritaka Kawaguchi. The 3 guests sat down in the audience at first, singing things for a few loyal fans, and asked questions of us like where we have heard of it, and which versions of the show have we seen. After the Panel started going, they played a copy that had English Subs done in Japan (the Engrish was great), and then opened up to a question and answer panel to the audience, where only a few questions did not insult the intelligence of the panel: a few of those happened to be:

When Will it be Released?
- in about 6 months

What was used to create the animation?
- a PowerMac G4 and Lightwave, primarily.

What was your inspiration for the show?
- the creator used cell messaging between his wife quite a bit when he was working regularly, so the idea sprung from that.

Will "She and her Cat" a short also done by the creator be on the DVD when it is released?
- "It is currently being worked out", said over the shouts of "Do It!" by
the Loyal fan group.

The Panel closed with flyers and a couple posters being given out, and the panel guests singing items for fans.

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