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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure News

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Super Techno Arts has sent out two press releases regarding JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the first announcing that production has started and naming the staff & cast, the second stating an approximate release date.

Super Techno Arts (STA) has announced the staff and cast for their upcoming release of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. They've also confirmed their previous announcements that the 7 episodes of OVA prequel series and 6 episodes of OVA sequel series will be available on total of 6 DVDs and that audio for the sequel series will be 5.1.

Production on the series started on August 7th and the first DVD is due out sometime in November or December.

Previously JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was being produced by Synch-Point. While it was expected that STA would handle the production entirely themselves after their split with Synch-Point, it was expected that they would sign a distribution deal with another Anime company such as Bandai or Pioneer. It now seems that is not the case, as they've made public detail of their distribution, which was up until now not publicized. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure will be distributed directly through Diamond Comic.

excerpt from first press release:

Produced by: Super Techno Arts Inc.
Executive Producer: Kazufumi Nomura

Audio Post Facility: MarcoCo. Studios
Audio Post Supervisor: Terri d'Ambrosio

Assistant Dialogue Recordist: David Cuetter
Dialogue Editor: Al Nelson
Re-Recording Mixers: Marco d'Ambrosio, Tom Myers

English Language Script: Mark Giambruno/Yuki Yoshioka/Julie Huffman/Cindy Yamauchi

English Production Producer: Cindy Yamauchi

Casting by: Voice One
Casting/Voice Recording Director: Elaine Clarke

Jotaro Kujo - Abie Hadjitarkhani
Joseph Joestar - Michael Bennett
Muhammad Avdol - J.S. Gilbert
Noriaki Kakyoin - Doug Boyd
Jean-Pierre Polnareff - Mark Atherlay
Dio Brando - Andrew Chaikin

Holley Kujo - Carrie Francis
N-Yah Gail - Kathy Garver
J. Gail - Dave Arendash
Hol Horse - Roger Jackson

Elaine Clarke (Casting/Voice Recording Director)
Elaine is the owner/founder of Voice One, an audio production company, casting service, and voice-over school in San Francisco. She is the author of the best selling voice-over book, There's Money Where Your Mouth Is [Back Stage Books].

Abie Hadjitarkhani (Jotaro)
Abie is a voice actor, writer, and filmmaker. He recently completed post-production on “Brain Pirates”, an unflinching inquiry into the fringes of urban subculture and the cutting edge of body modification: lobotomy as a path to enlightenment.

Michael Bennett (Joseph)
Michael has worked on radio and TV commercials for such clients as Fox Sports New York, Nissan, Sony, Hewlett/Packard, and Sprint. His work in video games includes Sega's “Superman” and Spectrum Holobyte's “Top Gun”.

J.S. Gilbert (Avdol)
J.S. has performed voiceover for number of commercials, games, and corporate projects. His voice has been featured in many best selling games including Dark Wizard, Total Mayhem, Syphon Filter, and Twisted Metal.

Doug Boyd (Kakyoin)
Doug contributed his voice to number of commercials, educational toys, animated episodes, and motion pictures such as "FernGully 2", "Spy Kids", and "Fly Away Home". Among his CD-ROM projects are "Shadow of Destiny", "Syphon Filter", and "Carmen SanDiego" series.

Mark Atherlay (Polnareff)
Mark has been involved in the San Francisco voiceover industry for 4 years. He has been heard in dozens of local/national radio and TV commercials, as well as Sony Playstation and CD-Rom games such as “Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?”

Andrew Chaikin (Dio)
Andrew has provided voices for such games as Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars Galaxies, and Lord of the Rings, as well as TV, radio, and Web shows. He also made his name as a singer, songwriter, and producer with the a cappella band The House, and is a world-renowned vocal percussionist.

Carrie Francis (Holley)
Carrie has performed in numerous theatrical productions in the Bay Area, including San Francisco's longest running original musical "A Party of One". Enjoying an exciting new career in voiceover, she recently recorded a pilot for Safeway Select TV.

Kathy Garver (N-Yah)
Best remembered for her co-starring role as Cissy in the CBS prime time television hit, “Family Affair”, Kathy has also garnered critical acclaim in movies, stage, voiceover, and audio book narration. She is also known for her voice as Firestar in “Spiderman and His Amazing Friends” series.

Dave Arendash (J.Gail)
A life-long fan of animation, Dave makes his animation debut in “Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.” He has also done extra work for “The Drew Carey Show” and number of commercials.

Excerpts from second Press Release:

Based on the original manga series by Hirohiko Araki, the first volume of “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure” DVD will be released in November/December of 2002. 7 episodes of OVA prequel series and 6 episodes of OVA sequel series will be available on total of 6 volumes, with sound and music upgraded to 5.1 surround system for the sequel series. Character design and animation director by Junichi Hayama, music composed and arranged by Marco d'Ambrosio of MarcoCo., and sound design by Tom Myers of Skywalker Sound.


- Street Date: November/December 2002
- Episode count: 3 Episodes x 30 minutes each
- Format: Region 1 DVD Bilingual (Japanese/English)
- DVD Extras: Staff interview, production footage, art gallery, and more
- Inserts: 2 x Tarot Cards designed by Hirohiko Araki
- Price: Individual disc - $29.99 Art box with individual disc - $44.99
- Animation Production: A.P.P.P.
- Executive Producer: Kazufumi Nomura
- Distribution by: Super Techno Arts Inc./Diamond Comic Distributors

More than 100 years have past since the battle between Jonathan Joestar and the vampire, Dio Brando. Dio's escape from the ocean depths awakens the psychic power known as “Stand” within Joseph Joestar and Jotaro Kujo (JoJo). They join forces with other Stand Users to face the ultimate evil to save JoJo's mother Holley from the deadly curse.

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