Manga Clears up Eva DVD questions

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Manga Entertainment rep Keith Burgess has answered our question about the Eva DVD.

Two weeks ago Manga Entertainment sent out an e-mail to clients informing them how to return and exchange any End of Evangelion DVDs that they might be having problems with. The e-mail requested that people first return their DVDs to the store that they bought it at, and then, only if the store provided replacement disc was also problematic, return the DVD to Manga Entertainment.

Some fans have had various issues with the exchange offer, most importantly, the hassle of having to first return the DVD to the store where it was bought, the fact that the e-mail does not fully acknowledge any defect with the DVD; and the fact that clients are responsible for covering the cost of shipping the DVD to Manag Entertainment.

Keith Burgess of Manga Entertainment has addressed all three issues for us.

First off, Keith acknowledged that some of the DVDs were in fact defective and explains the actual defect. Of aproximately 70 000 End of Eva DVDs produced, one batch of about 5000 did not press correctly, resulting in the second layer being somewhat off-center. Depending on the DVD player, this resulted in anything from some minor skipping, to the second part of the DVD being completely unplayable.

Since only 5000 out of 70 000 DVDs were defective, chances are that any DVD received in an in-store exchange would not be defective. However, in the case that the replacement disc is also defective, Manga set up the mail in exchange program.

As mentionned above, some people have issues with paying to ship a defective DVD back to Manga. Keith explains that Manga's offer of a free Virus vol.1 DVD with all exchanged Eva discs is their way of compensating customers for the shipping cost.

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