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Blame manga-ka to provide art for Wolverine mini-series

Marvel's upcoming Tsunami "Second Wave" will include a six-issue limited-series by Tsutomu Nihei. Nihei, who is best known for doing the story and art on Blame, will produce Wolverine: Snikt. "In a barren wasteland, Wolverine battles against parasitic robot organisms, as well as devolving into his savage, berserker state forever!"

Also, in Marvel's "First Wave", is Namor, which includes art by newcomer Mizuki Sakakibara.

Recognizing the popularity of Anime and Manga in America, Manga has created the Tsunami line. Titles printed under the Tsunami line are supposed to contain manga elements, appeal more to girls, and succeed in the growing bookstore market where Manga is dominant.

However, to date, the only Japanese working on Tsunami titles are Nihei and Sakakibara. Additionally, Marvel's resident Manga expert, C.B. Cebulski, is editing a number of the titles and is clearly a part of the planning crew. After leaving Fanboy, the company he helped start, Cebulski worked on Marvel's Mangaverse, and was the pointman for their Japanese talent search.

Joe Queseda, another editor at Marvel, has stated, "Manga is not just an art style," points out Quesada. "It's also a way of storytelling. It's more character driven. But it is more visual, with more flow and bigger panels."

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