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Tokyopop Aquires Vision of Escaflowne and Confidential Confessions

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Tokyopop announces 5 acquisitions

TOKYOPOP sent out a press release today "announcing" the acquisition of five new Manga series, all set to debut in July.

Out of the five titles, the new ones are Vision of Escaflowne and Confidential Confessions, the other 3 titles, Saber Marionette J, Wild Act, Zodiac P.I. had all been mentioned previously (here and here).

However this is the first time specific dates have been announced for thos titles.

Excerpts from Press Release:

TOKYOPOP is pleased to announce the acquisition of five new manga series, all set to debut as part of the company's exciting July line-up.

The Vision of Escaflowne (Fantasy / Adventure, Volume 1: July 10, 2003)

Written by Aki Katsu, The Vision of Escaflowne manga is based on one of the most acclaimed anime series of the past decade. This enchanting shonen story follows the adventures of high school girl Hitomi Hoshino, whose dabbling with tarot cards suddenly lands her in a strange world called Gaea. With her new friend Van Fanel—the young prince of the devastated kingdom of Fanelia—Hitomi becomes involved in the battle against the Zaibach forces, an evil empire bent on conquering the planet.

Saber Marionette J (Action / Adventure / Comedy, Volume 1: July 8, 2003)

From the wildly successful anime comes Saber Marionette J, an exciting manga series written by Satoru Akahori. Enter a world with no women. The surviving men have reinvented females in the form of androids called “marionettes.” Marionettes are built to serve men and are normally devoid of any emotion. However, there are a limited number that possess special circuits enabling them to feel. The life of a poor boy—Otaru Mamiya—will forever change when he encounters three of these special “Saber Marionettes” and unlocks the key to mankind's salvation.

Wild Act (Comedy, Volume 1: July 8, 2003)

This hilarious manga about celebrity worship is the creation of Rie Takada, who invites readers to step into the shoes of the ultimate groupie, Yuniko. A die-hard fan, she has only one goal… to snag memorabilia from her favorite celebrities. But things quickly get complicated as she realizes that this scavenger hunt is harder than she ever imagined, especially when it involves nabbing items from the late Akira Nanae—a famous actor who shared an exhilarating relationship with her mother.

Zodiac P.I. (Action / Adventure, Volume 1: July 8, 2003)

A clever shojo-ai series—written by Natsumi Ando—Zodiac P.I. originally appeared in the same Japanese anthology magazine as Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors. In this story, Riri is just like any other Normal Girl—except she can foretell the future! This “Zodiac P.I.” transforms herself into the magic Detective Spica and looks to the stars to guide her way. Before long, she is joined by her childhood friend, Hiromi, who dreams of becoming a detective as skilled as Riri. Soon, no astral investigation is too arduous for this dynamic duo!

Confidential Confessions (Reality, Volume 1: July 8, 2003)

The first manga series to deal with REAL teen problems, Confidential Confessions features emotional storylines and multi-dimensional characters. Each groundbreaking volume of this shocking three-part series by Reiko Momochi tackles everyday real-life teen issues such as teen prostitution, rape, HIV, stalkers, suicide and sexual harassment. Enlightening without being preachy, this is a modern-day version of the After School Special.

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