.hack//ENEMY CCG

posted on 2003-06-19 12:43 EDT by Christopher Macdonald
.hack Collectible Card Game coming from Decipher

Decipher and Bandai announced today that Decipher will be producing a CCG (Or TCG as they refer to it) based on the .hack world., .hack//ENEMY.

Excerpts from Press Release:

Decipher is proud to announce it has acquired the license from Bandai Entertainment produce an all-new trading card game based on the latest anime phenomenon to come out of Japan: Project .hack. The TCG, .hack//ENEMY, will be introduced in stores throughout North America this October.

In recreating the .hack universe for the tabletop gaming community, Decipher introduces an exciting and fast-paced game system, combined with an organized play environment t hat will immerse the players in The World, just as the fictional roleplaying community would do. Within The World, you try to beat your opponent from the perspective of the monsters attacking and killing your opponent's characters. Only in .hack//ENEMY will you experience The World from the point of view of the monsters and mysterious AI entities corrupting the system.

As you accumulate enough Victory Points to win the game, you are simultaneously trying to stop your opponent from beating you to the punch. And in an innovative feature that captures the feel of the massive online roleplaying game, a unique tournament structure allows players to collect experience points to “level up” their abilities and gameplay experiences. As you gain experience and levels through the organized play system, you increase your ability to gain access to exciting and exclusive gameplay.

As the emerging graduation game for anime TCG players, the strategy is deep and challenging, while the rules are still simple and easy to learn, It's the perfect game for those who want more in an anime-based TCG, but are not looking for the complexity and rules of games such as The Lord of the Rings TCG and Star Trek CCG Second Edition . Early playtesters call the shuffle-and-play game style of .hack “fast with a high fun factor.” You can easily play a match of two or three games in less than an hour.

This fall confront the world of .hack yourself by picking up this revolutionary new TCG from Decipher. It will test you, captivate you and engulf you…but don't let it destroy you. Welcome to The World…

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