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Tokyopop Acquires 5 Clamp Manga

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Ads first announcement of The Legend of Chun Hyang and The One I Love to official announcement for Gouhou Drug, RG Veda and Suki

TOKYOPOP sent out a press release this afternoon officially announcing RG Veda, Suki, Legal Drug, The Legend of Chun Hyang and The One I Love. Suki. Dakara Suki, Gouhou Drug and RG Veda had already previously been "announced" via their website or retail listings, but this marks the first announcement of any kind regarding Legend of Chun Hyang or The One I Love.

Excerpts from Press Release:

RG Veda (Fantasy, Volume 1 Release: TBD)
CLAMP's first professional work, RG Veda ran for 10 volumes, inspired an anime of the same name, and cemented the team's reputation as one of Japan's top manga talents. In this clever and beautifully illustrated story-which draws loosely from Hindu mythology-an evil emperor has controlled the once peaceful world of Tenkai for 300 years. The only hope of ending his tyrannical reign lies in a stargazer's prophecy, which foretells the union of six warriors known as the "Six Stars."

Suki (Romance/Drama, Volume 1 Release: 2/10/04)
In this three-volume series, CLAMP explores what it means to be in love, a theme central to their biggest hits, Chobits and Card Captor Sakura. Suki is about a teenage girl's first crush... the story of Hinata Asahi, a quiet and painfully shy high school student whose teddy bears are her only form of companionship. Her life becomes much more exciting when the handsome Shirou moves in next door. Not only is he really cute-and much older-but he's also her new teacher!

Legal Drug (Action/Fantasy, Volume 1 Release: 10/12/04)
One of CLAMP's newest series still running in Japan, Legal Drug is a perfect dose of mystery, psychic powers and those ornately drawn characters the femme-four creators are famous for. With cameos from the cast of Suki, the story revolves around the adventures of Kazahaya and Rikuou. By day, they're two ordinary pharmacists. By night, their boss has them filling prescriptions for the peculiar... for clients' "special" ailments that can't be cured using ordinary elixirs.

The Legend of Chun Hyang (Fantasy, Release: 8/10/04)
A departure from CLAMP's usual fare, this stand-alone historical fantasy is set in Korea and features striking brushstrokes reminiscent of their work in Shirahime-Syo. Its story follows a beautiful warrior princess who must protect a village from the tyrannical government.

The One I Love (Romance, Release: TBD)
Combining CLAMP's legendary manga storytelling, color artwork and elegant prose, The One I Love is a wonderfully unique 12-story anthology. The volume opens with a special eight-page full-color feature before diving into the single subject CLAMP seems to know best... love.

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