Haibane Renmei DVD 2 Pencilboards

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Geneon has issued a statement regarding missing pencil boards in Haibane Renmei volume 2

To consumers and anime fans who've purchased Haibane Renmei Vol.2 DVD- "Wings of Sorrow" and were missing the limited edition mini-pencil board:

Thanks for your patience while we investigated this matter. We'd contacted the replicator that we were dealing with and had discovered that a mechanical error had occurred from their end, affecting a batch of the Haibane Renmei Vol.2 DVDs.

To rectify this situation, we've requested the replicator to set up a TOLL-FREE phone number to specifically handle mailing out a free replacement to those who are missing the Haibane Renmei Vol.2 mini-pencil board.

To get your replacement (this offer is good until Friday, January 30, 2004), dial the toll-free number at (888) 228-2094. You will NOT be required to mail a letter or send in anything, such as a proof-of-purchase receipt or sticker.

If you dial the toll-free number during normal business hours on the weekdays (West coast time), you'll get a live operator who will ask you for your name., mailing address, phone number, etc. If you dial up the number after normal business hours or on the weekends, you'll get a voice recording asking you to leave your full name and mailing address. As the operator will be retrieving all voice messages, please speak clearly when providing your complete name and address.

Please be assured that your name. and address remains completely confidential and under NO circumstances be placed into any unsolicited mailing lists.

Thanks again for your understanding and thanks most of all for taking a chance and trying out a wonderful and moving series such as Haibane Renmei. We hope you've enjoyed all the episodes so far and find this title worthwhile.


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