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posted on 2003-12-11 02:46 EST by Christopher Macdonald
Price Comparison Feature in Release Database Gives ANN Readers Lowest Prices.

Anime News Network is extremely delighted to announce the newest addition to our release database. Included on every release page is now a section that compares the price of the release at several stores, showing you the cheapest price on top.

Currently we've included, Anime Castle, Anime Nation, Barnes and Noble,, DVD Empire, The Right Stuf International, and Z-Store. As we progress we plan to add a number of additional stores as well. If you have any particular favorites, please let us know.

We have some ambitious plans for this new feature, so if you think it's good now, wait until you see what else we have in store for it.

Hopefully this new feature will save you, our readers, a few dollars every time you buy a DVD (or VHS tape), as well as increase slightly Anime News Network's revenue, something very important to us as we shift from a part-time hobby site to a full-time business with full-time employees.

As with the rest of the encyclopedia, the price compare script relies somewhat on reader submissions. While we have inputted the links for all the releases coming out in the next three weeks (as part of our bug testing) we will be relying on our readers to input the occasional missing link. All it takes is one reader to input something and benefit hundreds of others, so hopefully this will be as big of a success as the rest of our encyclopedia.

Speaking of bug checking, while we've been working on the script for quite a while, there are probably a few parts that still need to be tweaked. Please let us know if you find anything that doesn't work exactly as it should.

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