JoJo Back at Broccoli... Sorta

posted on 2004-03-29 10:23 EST by Christopher Macdonald
Broccolli International is now handling distribution for STA's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Super Techno Arts (STA) has informed us that Broccoli International USA will act as a wholesaler of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. As a result, JoJo will become available through some larger retailers, such as Suncoast, that deal with Broccoli.

STA continues to be a direct distributor for their product, and other wholesalers can purchase from them just as before.

Back when Synch-Point belonged to Digital Manga (as a joint venture with Broccoli) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was originally to be co-produced and distributed in North America by Synch-Point and STA. These plans were however cancelled and STA chose to produce and distribute JoJo on their own.

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