Ajisai no Uta OAV

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Ajisai no Uta Produced by Adult Film Company

Soft on Demand will be releasing an OAV adaptation of manga series Ajisai no Uta (Song of Hydrangea) starting with volume 1 on August 19th. Ajisai no Uta is intended to be a general market release, appealing to viewers of all ages, including children. However, Soft on Demand is one of Japan's largest producers of pronographic adult videos and this is their first venture into the general anime market. Previously Soft on Demand has produced several adult anime such as the Kowaremono, but never something meant to appeal to children.

Masaya Takahashi, Soft on Demand's president, compared the project to those of Studio Ghibli, stating that he wanted to make a series that his six-year-old son would enjoy.

Impress reports that the OVA was planned for eight years, produced in one year and cost 200 million yen (US$ 1.8 million) to produce. Ajisai no Uta won't be the most expensive OAV ever created (That's believed to be Macross Zero), but it will be close.

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