Voice Actors win Second Round of Lawsuits

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Nippon Animation Co. and Subsidiary Ordered to Pay 87 Million Yen to Voice Actors

Last week, the Tokyo High Court handed a group of voice actors a second victory in a legal dispute regarding unpaid royalties. The five year old lawsuit claimed that 360 voice actors were owed royalties for DVD releases of 31 anime on which the voice actors worked.

The anime in question were released on DVD by Nippon Animation Co., and recorded at its subsidiary, Onkyo Eizo System. In November 2003 ANN reported that the voice actors had won their lawsuit against Onkyo Eizo System, but that the judge dismissed any responsibility on the part of Nippon Animation.

Last week's Tokyo High Court ruling upheld the responsibility of Onkyo Eizo System, but found that Nippon Animation Co. was also responsible. Both companies were ordered to pay the actors a total of 87 million yen (US$790 000) to the voice actors.

Successful voice actress Masako Nozawa was among the plaintiffs, and popular TV series Chibi Maruko-chan among the 31 anime.

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