Tatsunoko Pro 40th Anniversary Project Details

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Details on Karasu -KARAS-

Tatsunoko Pro has announced the production of Karasu -KARAS- a hybrid 2D/3D OAV in celebration of the studios 40th anniversary.

As previously reported, the world premiere of KARAS was presented at the Tokyo International Anime Fair event in Hollywood on Monday.

Tatsunoko's is looking to create something different with KARAS that will leave a lasting impression, and create ripples throughout the animation industry. Their aim is to create a new hero for the 21st century in the same vein as Gatchaman and Casshan.

Keiichi Satou is the director and original planner for KARAS, a suspense story that takes place in a future Tokyo haunted by ghosts. Sato said, "I wanted to create an anime with high-speed camera like, stop motion direction. Fusion of 2D and 3D isn't usually used for anime characters except for motion capturing. I'm not trying to imitate human movement, I think I managed to create a new charm, using 3D as a technique to enhance the characters in an anime-esque way, different to what has been done till now. Rather than realism I aimed for coolness. I am very satisfied with part 1."

Chief of production, Ippei Kuri stated, "For our 40th anniversary work we used a high budget since we wanted to create something we can be proud of. I believe it is important to always challenge yourself with something new, that's why we tried to create a new experience combining 2D and 3D animation. We have created many heroes until now, but we wanted to create a cool new hero for the 21st century."

Tatsunoko Pro worked with several new voice actors for the main cast. The four primary actors will be Toshihiro Wada as Otowa, Kasumi Suzuki as Yurine, Asuka Shibuya as Hinaru and Keiji Fujiwara as Nue.

KARAS will be released monthly in 6 half-hour parts starting with the first DVD on the 28th of May. The sound is recorded in Dolby Digital EX.

A trailer is available from the KARAS website here.

Karasu means crows in Japanese.

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