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posted on by Christopher Macdonald
17 New Properties Added to Website

Tokyopop has updated their website with information about several new manga, manhwa and other properties.

Manga:Dragon Head, Flower of Eden (Eden no Hana), Girls Bravo, Dazzle (Hatenko Yugi), Sengoku Nights (Sengoku Tsukiyo), Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase- , Ultra Cute and The World Exists for Me (Sekai no S&M)
Manhwa: Ark Angels
Other: Idiotz, The Dreaming, Juror 13, Roadsong, Sea Princess Azuri, Yonen Buzz and War on Flesh.

Ark Angels, The World Exists for Me and Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase- had previously been spoted as releases on, but never confirmed by Tokyopop. Girls Bravo was a confirmed license in April. Evertything else is completely new.

The first volumes of most of these titles are due out in January.

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