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Otak Elite, on Sale in Late December, to Feature Secretary-General of Japan's Democratic Party

"Otak Elite," a magazine geared towards more serious minded anime and manga otaku of Japan, will debut in Japan on December 28. The magazine, which will be published by Biblos, will look atthe otaku culture, entertainment and industry. The first issue will feature anime and manga related interviews with politicians, look at Tokyo University's “Otaku Elite” training program and more. The cover of the first issue will feature Hatoyama Yukio, Democratic Party of Japan Secretary-General.

The magazine's website, explains that while the word "otaku" has had a variety of meanings, often negative, Otak Elite will focus on what has become the foreign definition of otaku. They state, "the definition of “otaku” in nations overseas is far simpler. Generally, the term is viewed as a more positive term that refers to people that are fans of Japanese Manga, Anime, and Video Games. Overseas, “Otaku” are respected as the cutting edge of Japanese culture and an integral part of a huge industry. This magazine will refer to “otaku” in the same fashion."

The define "Otaku" and "OTAK" as :
1. A person who loves or is receptive to Manga, Anime, and/or Video Games.
2. Matters relating to Manga, Anime, and Video Games. (examples: Otaku Culture, Otaku Industry)
3. Generically, Manga, Anime, and Video Games produced by Japan.

The first issue, on shelves December 28 in Japan, will include the following articles:
  • Hatoyama Yukio on Japanese Manga, Anime, and Video Games;
  • Tokyo University's “Otaku Elite” Training Program;
  • The House of Representatives takes a poll on Manga, Anime, and Video Games;
  • What is “Komike,” and why is it scary for so many people;
  • Hirasawa Katsuei on Sergeant Frog;
  • The Political Manga Promotion Association;
  • Suginami Animation Museum* Curator Suzuki Shinichi.

Published with it will also be the second National All Otaku Exam and a "Pure Maid 2005" contest.

Websites of Interest:

Hatoyama Yukio
Hirasawa Katsuei
Suginami Animation Museum
Yoro Takeshi
Kato Natsuki
Hamagin Research Institute

* Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts published a look at the Suginami Anime Museum in issue 85.

Thank you to Jekichu for pointing this out and Evan for the tranlations.

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