Geneon Explains Hellsing Episode Count Change

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Geneon originally hoped to have 2 episode on disc 1

Anime News Network contacted Geneon Entertainment regarding their release strategy for Hellsing. Product manager Jon Baumgardner explained that Geneon had originally hoped to release volume 1 with two episodes, however the Japanese production schedule, combined with the time that it takes to properly produce region 1 DVDs (translation, dubbing, extras, etc..) has caused them to rethink this strategy.

"If we put two episodes on it right now, the consumer would expect two on the next release, which would mean that we'd have to delay the release of episode 3 in order to release it with episode 4," Baumgardner explained, adding "This way we are able to release each episode sooner. If we were to wait for episode 4, there would literally be a couple year delay between volume 1 and 2.

"At this point Geneon is planning on releasing 1 OVA per DVD release. This is primarily due to past OVA release strategies, and of course in order to get the episodes out to the American audience as fast as possible. Also, Japan needs time to make the actual show.

"The first volume streets this fall, with a tentative street date of December 5th 2006. It'll have a regular edition and a special limited collectors edition with superior product development."

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