Sennin Buraku Celebrates 50th Anniversary

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Longest running manga outstrips Peanuts as longest running comic by 1 artist, but still no where near the record for longest running comic

Sennin Buraku, an adult manga printed in Weekly Asahi Geinou and the longest running serialised manga in Japan, recently celebrated it's 50th anniversary. The longest running serialised comic in the world is Katzenjammer Kids (and also believed to be the world's second oldest serialised comic, after The Yellow Kid), which began in 1897 and is still serialised today (although it has gone through numerous cartoonists).

The first installment of Sennin Buraku was published in the first volume of Weekly Asahi Geinou in 1956.

Sennin Buraku has surpassed Charles Schultz's Peanuts, as the longest running serialised comic to have never changed artists. Peanuts ran for 49 years and 4 months when the last installment was published in February, 2000. Peanuts however far outstrips Sennin Buraku in the number of installments published, Peanuts was published daily (17,897 installments total), while Sennin Buroku is published weekly (2,477 installments).

In 1963 a Sennin Buraku TV series became the first ever late-night anime when it aired on Fuji TV at 23:40. The TV series ran from 1963-09-04 to 1964-02-23.

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