Negima! Live-Action Drama's Negi Played by 13-Year-Old Girl

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Negima live concert event planned for November

A September 1 press event in Tokyo revealed the remaining cast members of the Negima! Magister Negi Magi live-action magical school drama, including the 13-year-old female talent Yukina Kashiwa as the lead male role of Negi Springfield. Kashiwa previously played roles in live-action special-effects series such as Tokusō Sentai Dekaranger (adapted as Power Rangers: S.P.D.) and Garo. Like the Ken Akamatsu manga it adapts, the drama will still portray Negi as a young boy magician from Wales who teaches English at Japan's all-girls Mahora Academy.

Kashiwa was introduced at the event by Nao Oikawa, a former adult video actress who now plays mainstream roles and who will play Negi's advisor and fellow school staffer, Shizuna Minamoto. The comedian that goes by the one name Hiroshi will play Takamichi Takahata, the art teacher who taught English before being replaced by Negi.

Mainichi Interactive has images from the press conference, including pictures of the entire class, as well as Kashiwa as Negi together with the main female lead (Sara Wakatsuki as Asuna Kagurazaka). StarChild has also posted images from set during shooting. The drama premieres in Japan on October 3.

Separately, StarChild announced a tentatively titled Negima! Magister Negi Magi Extramural Live in Shibuya concert in which all 31 students of the live-action version's Class 3-A will appear at the Shibuya-AX event hall in Tokyo, Japan on November 27. The event will including singing and an onstage talk show. Fans have to buy the first releases of the opening and ending theme singles and mail the included proofs of purchace for a chance in the ticket drawing.

Thank you to enjin2000 for the news tip.

Source: Mainichi Interactive, Moon Phase

Errata: Press event's date corrected. Thanks, Proz512.

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