Shirokuma Oyako Manga Adapted into Flash Anime

posted on by Egan Loo
Four-panel manga blog posted on social networking service for child-rearing

SukuPara Club, a Japanese social network service for parents raising children, has begun distributing a Flash-animated adaptation of the Shirokuma Oyako (Mother Shirokuma and Her Children) four-panel manga blog by Kuma Shiroi. SukuPara Club and the printer manufacturer Epson have released four of the 12 weekly 30-second episodes so far. The manga follows a mother named Shirokuma-kaa-san (literally, Mother White Bear) as she valiantly keeps her six-year-old Icchan and three-year-old Ūchan under control.

The Japanese publisher Takeshobo has been serializing the manga in Sukusuku Paradise (SukuPara) four-panel manga magazine; the magazine also publishes Pretz Matsumoto's Uchi no 3 Shimai child-rearing manga that has been Flash-animated for television. Production baobab is providing the voices, as it did for the Flash anime adaptation of Kenji Sonishi and Takeshobo's Inu-Gaisha manga.


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