Japanese-Animated Stitch! Series' Promo Video Streamed

posted on by Egan Loo
Okinawa-set spinoff from Disney film to premiere this October in Japan

The Disney Channel in Japan has launched the official website for the Japanese-animated Stitch! television spinoff based on Disney's Lilo & Stitch film, and the site is streaming a promotional video from the series. (In the linked page, select the third button on the lefthand side to see the video.) In the new story, the alien creature Stitch is running off on the mad scientist Jumba's space scooter when he gets caught in a space storm and has to make an emergency landing at Izayoi Island, the southermost tip of Japan. There, he meets Yūna, a spirited fourth-grade girl who happens to know karate. Yūna tells Stitch about the Stone of Chitama, a mysterious object that can make any wish come true. However, he has to perform 43 good deeds to receive his wish.

The series will premiere on Japanese television this October. The site has an introduction to the story (first blue button on the left) and profiles (second blue button on the left) of the six main characters , including Stitch, Yūna, the native creature Kijimunaa, Yūna's grandmother Obā, the galactic agent Pleakley, and Jamba. Disney first announced the series in March, and it screened a pilot video during the Tokyo International Anime Fair that month.

Source: Moon Phase

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