Man Arrested for Threatening Voice Actress Mai Kadowaki (Updated)

posted on 2009-09-01 23:20 EDT
Suspect allegedly wrote letters threatening Kadowaki's parents

Japanese police have arrested a 25-year-old unemployed man named Satoshi Yamazaki on suspicion of threatening the 28-year-old voice actress Mai Kadowaki. The man, who comes from Chikugo City in the southwestern Japanese prefecture of Fukuoka, allegedly sent letters where he wrote "I will kill your parents" and other notes.

Police say that the man sent letters that said "I will kill your parents within a month" and other writings to Kadowaki's agency last November. According to the investigation, the suspect admitted that "I'm a Kadowaki fan," and "I did it."

The News24 website posted a television report on the arrest.

Source: News24

Update: The Sankei Shimbun paper reports that the suspect believed an Internet rumor that "Kadowaki-san is committing adultery" and said, "Since I'm a fan, I couldn't accept that." He allegedly sent the threatening letter on November 6, and police say that they identified the letter's writer by matching his fingerprints from fan letters he had sent previously under his real name. Thanks, houkoholic.

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