Crunchyroll Quietly Launches iPhone Streaming App (Updated)

posted on by Egan Loo
Apps allows iPhone/iPod touch users to watch anime/drama videos over WiFi

The Crunchyroll media-distribution website quietly launched a downloadable streaming application for Apple iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices at the end of last month. Without a press release or a media alert, the free app has already been updated to version 1.01 on January 14.

The app allows users to watch almost all of the anime and Asian drama videos that Crunchyroll's website has, except on an iPhone or iPod touch with a WiFi connection. The app streams ads before the selected content, but subscribers of Crunchyroll's Anime Membership can bypass the ads. However, the app does not offer subscribers early access to simulcasted content as Cunchyroll's regular website does. Subtitles are available, but they have to be manually enabled.

The Anime Network also launched a downloadable streaming app for the iPhone and iPod touch last week. The free vSNAX Videos app streams anime provided by Manga Entertainment. Google's YouTube video service has had an app since the 2007 launch of the iPhone.

Thanks to Sam Murai for the news tip.

Update: There are also apps for the Joost and Gong video services. Thanks, Sam Murai.

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