Emma's Mori Draws Shirley Spinoff, Satoshi Fukushima to Start Series (Updated)

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Kaoru Mori, the manga creator best known for the Victorian slice-of-life story Emma, is returning to her Shirley storyline after three and a half years with a two-installment manga that launches in Enterbrain's Fellows! Vol. 10 magazine on April 15. The final installment will appear in Vol. 11.

Like Mori's more famous Emma work, Shirley centers on the life of a young maid in Victorian-era England. Mori has been serializing The Bride's Stories (Otoyome-Gatari) in the same Fellows! magazine, so Vol. 10 will contain two stories from her.

DC Comics' CMX imprint published both Shirley and Emma in North America. Emma was adapted into a television anime series which Right Stuf licensed and released.

The same Vol. 9 of Fellows! that announced Shirley's return on Monday also announced that Sumire no Hana creator Satoshi Fukushima will launch a new unnamed series this summer with a "mischievous robot" as the main lead. Fukushima had launched a series called Long Long Ago — a loose sequel to his earlier Kidō Ryodan Hachifukujin manga — last year.

Source: Comic Natalie

Update: Although Comic Natalie describes Shirley as taking place in Victorian England as Emma did, it actually takes place a little later in the Edwardian era or the first decade of the 20th century. Thanks, Fronzel.

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