SOS TV Walpurgis Night Fever Anime Streamed on Phones

posted on 2010-02-26 05:05 EST
Also on Emotion's Gekkin service: CANAAN Sufiru & 7 other new manga

Emotion, the video production subsidiary of Bandai Visual, has confirmed on Friday that it is releasing a new series of anime shorts called SOS TV Walpurgis Night Fever on its Shū 2 Comic Gekkin site for mobile devices. The 150-second comedy shorts center on Garnet (Ryoko Shintani) and Crystal Crystal (Miyuki Sawashiro), two girls who live on a war-devastated planet named Walpurgis. The two survivors struggle to get rescued off the planet.

Barnum Studio (Barnum Laboratory), the company founded by Galaxy Angel producer Tetsuro Satomi, is producing SOS TV Walpurgis Night Fever after having animated the Hoshi ni Negai o anime. The two Barnum anime projects share several staff members, such as director Kazuya Ichikawa (Shadow Skill: Kuruda-ryu Kousatsu-hou no Himitsu director, Appleseed: Ex Machina CG layout and motion team leader) and character designer [email protected] (Amuri in Star Ocean).

SOS TV Walpurgis Night Fever's 0th episode is already streaming, and more will follow on March 1 and 15. Despite the anime's streaming, the main focus of the Gekkin service is biweekly manga. One of the eight manga that will debut on March 1 is Canaan Sufiru, Jun Sasameyuki's "spinout" manga set in the two years previously unexplored in the storyline of the Canaan television anime and the original 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ visual novel.

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Source: SankeiBiz

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