Square Enix Details E-Manga Plan in N. America, France

posted on by Egan Loo
Launch now slated for winter; iPhone manga planned in Japan but not yet overseas

At its Tokyo Game Show (TGS) booth on Thursday, the Japanese publisher Square Enix provided more details on its upcoming online manga store in North America and France. According to the pamphlet distributed at the electronic manga area of its TGS booth, Square Enix now plans to launch the overseas service this winter; it had previously announced at July's Comic-Con International that it would launch the service this fall.

The publisher will use its existing Square Enix Members website for its online manga store. By using the payment system it already has in place for members to obtain game-related items, it will not have to deal with creating a billing system from scratch as other new online businesses do.

Square Enix showcased the Apple iPhone/iPad version of its Gangan Online manga service, which it plans to launch in Japan in November. While the company also demonstrated English versions of its manga on the iPhone at its booth, it cautioned that it is only has domestic plans for the iPhone and iPad for now. It has not yet decided whether to release manga on those portable devices outside Japan.


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