Clamp's Gate 7 Manga Ships in U.S., Worldwide This Summer

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Clamp's official site lists Dark Horse Comics as U.S. publisher

The official website of the manga creator quartet Clamp announced on Thursday that Clamp's Gate 7 manga will be published in compiled book form in the United States by Dark Horse Comics this summer. The manga is also launching its serialized magazine runs in South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong this month, and the French magazine Animeland launched a limited four-month run in March. The fantasy story begins when a high school boy named Chikahito Takamoto visits a shrine during a Kyoto trip and encounters three people — Hana, Sakura, and Tachibana — with mysterious powers in a thinly veiled plane of lucid dreaming between our conscious, waking world and the subconscious state of slumber.

South Korea's Haksan Culture Company, Taiwan's Tongli Publishing, Hong Kong's Hong Kong Tong Li Publishing, France's Viz Media Europe, America's Dark Horse Comics, Brazil's New Pop, Germany's EMA, and Spain's Norma Editorial will all publish the manga in compiled book form this summer.

When asked about Gate 7 on Sunday, a Dark Horse Comics representative said to "stay tuned."

Dark Horse Comics had originally announced that it would publish monthly 80-page books, or "mangettes," of CLAMP's newest work in 2009. The project was to have been published nearly simultaneously in North America, South Korea, and Japan. The one-shot version of the story ran in Shueisha's Jump Square magazine in Japan last November, and the full series launched in the same magazine in February.

[Via Camp Now, Kuriousity]

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